About The Millionaires

Detroit's Premiere Jump Blues and Swing Band

The Millionaires are a Detroit, Michigan based band specializing in Swing, Jump Blues, Vintage R & B and Latin Jazz.

The origins of the band can be traced to the mid-1990's and a rehearsal-only project which eventually became a performing group known as the Magnificent Seven. By the end of the decade the band had recorded their "Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket" release and settled into their new persona as "The Millionaires".

Today, The Millionaires remain dedicated to the cause, dedicated to playing live music….music that swings and jumps, music that gets fingers snapping and toes tapping….DANCE MUSIC!

The Millionaires

Meet The Millionaires

Bob Conner
Bass / Bandleader
Mark LoDuca
Dave Marcaccio
Drums and Percussion
Mark Berger
Baritone Saxophone
Ron English
Davey "Bones" Lazar
John Slitti
Dr. Professor Leonard King
Drums, Vocals
Pete Kahn
Saxophones, Clarinet, Flute